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There are around 200 different factors that are a part of a successful SEO campaign - and the rules are changing often.  Google and other search engines change the search algorithms to ensure that 'spammy' sites (or sites that are using unethical practices to advance their position) are not given priority over 'hard-working', honest individuals who have content that matches what the 'searcher' is hoping to view.  Imagine trying to find an SEO provider online, and after typing in "seo vancouver wa" - you get blasted by links that should be on the "comfortable cars" list.  Search engines work on algorithms to remove what could be a very frustrating service provided by Google, Yahoo, Bing and others.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of adjusting content on (and off) your page, in order to raise the probability that the site will show up in search engine results pages (SERPS).
With all of the changes that are going on, you also have to deal with competition.  When your site reaches the first page - your competitors are able to "check out" your site, and see how you were able to get to the top.  When/if they apply the same changes to their site - we have to readjust the code and keep on strategizing to keep your site on top.
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