Your business website is often the first impression a customer forms of your business. This experience should be a positive and fruitful interaction. Is your website an outdated digital brochure? Your business website should not only be pleasing to the visitor, but is should also deliver a benefit to your business. Here is a list of ten ways to grade you business website.

  1. Good Design: The way your website looks is the first impression people get of your business. Does the way your website look match the vibe your business wants to portray?
  2. Mobile and voice optimization: Your website needs to be compatible for consumers on the go. Is your website optimized for smart phone, tablet and in-home voice devices?
  3. SSL Secure: Does your security status build trust with your customers? websites that show “Not Secure” or don’t start with “https” could be sending hard-earned customers away. Make sure your website is registered with Googles new security standards.
  4. Call to Action-Ask for the business: Does your website ask customers to contact you on every page or thumb swipe? Your website should have easy “call to action” forms to make it easier for your customers to contact you.
  5. Manage your leads: One primary function of a website is to turn website visitors into Leads. Are your leads delivered to you in a way that is convenient to turn them into customers?
  6. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) : If you are not constantly trying to get on the top of Google searches, then you may find yourself at the back of the line. A solid SEO strategy will help improve your rankings and hold your position against your competitors.
  7. Reviews matter: Customers are talking about the experience with businesses on multiple review sites. Make sure you are managing your reviews. Be involved in your business’s reputation.
  8. Name, address, phone number (NAP): Make sure your business information is up to date. This helps guide potential customers to your door. Incorrect information regarding your NAP will only lead to a bad experience.
  9. Easy Navigation: Make sure your website is easy to read and has good navigation. Make an easy path for customers to find what they need in the least number of clicks. Use pictures, icons and directional content to guide your customers to what they are looking for.
  10. Website Maintenance: Business owners wear many hats and are pulled in many directions. Make a good decision to have your website managed by a professional. Keep your website in optimal working order with up to date with new indexing rules.

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