Recently shopping patterns have changed.  Most shoppers now research online before making any purchasing decisions.  It is important to make sure your company is positioned favorably online when shoppers are searching for your product or service. Paid advertising allows you to place your advertising message in front of interested buyers when they are ready to buy.  Paid advertising also increases your brand awareness, company credibility and it sets you apart from your competition. 


Reason 1: Use These Types of Ads to Reach your Customer


Search Campaigns – Text ads that show up on the search results pages


Display Campaigns – Image ads that appear on websites and apps that your customers visit.


Video Campaigns – Up to 15-second video ads that show up before or during YouTube content. 


Reason 2: Reach Customer After They Have Visited Your Site


Targeting and re-targeting people that have visited your website can be very beneficial and drive some serious business your way. You can broadcast your paid ad and message across multiple social media platforms such as:

    1. Google
    2. Facebook
    3. Instagram
    4. Snapchat
    5. Twitter
    6. LinkedIn
    7. YouTube
    8. Reddit


Reason 3: Reach Your Online/Offline Sales Goals


You can tailor your online ads to get the results you want while keeping within your advertising budget. The main goal for most businesses is get in front of as many potential customers as possible with your advertising message.  With a strong message you can influence how your potential customers interact with your business.  You can drive customers to purchase the products or service you sell in the way you want to interact with your customers: over the phone, online, in person. Below are the three main advertising goals of most businesses.

  • Get more calls to your business
    • Increase customer phone calls with ads that feature your business phone number and a click-to-call button
  • Drive people to your website 
    • Grow online sales
    • Book new clients
    • Get customers to sign up for mailing lists and newsletters
  • Increase visits to your local store location
    • Reach more customers searching for a location near them. 
    • Drive national searchers to your many business locations.


Reason 4: You Pick The Cost

Paid ads can work for most any advertising budget.  Of course, the larger the budget the more potential customers you can get in front of.  Here are a few facts that will set your mind at ease. 

  • Set a Budget Cap
  • Never pay more than your monthly budget cap. 
  • You can adjust your ad spend at any time.  Increase it when you find what works best for you. 
  • You can start and stop your advertising at anytime 


Reason 5: We Can Help


Want to start a paid advertising program today?  Contact us!  Our trained professional staff is available to set up online advertising campaigns that fit your budget and goals .  You can start receiving leads, customers and sales the first day.  We manage your ad campaigns for you.  This will allow you the time to run your business and tend to your customers. We have expert reporting that will track online orders and phone calls.  With our help you can start advertising your business online today!


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