Ever notice after buying a new car (or new to you at least) you begin to see that car everywhere you drive. On your way to a movie, the grocery store, or to daycare – there are Jeep Wranglers or Toyota Tundras everywhere!

No, there wasn’t a fire sale on Wranglers or Tundras. It’s just that you notice those vehicles a little bit more now that you’re cruising around in one.

Audience Targeting is kind of like that.

audience retargeting

You may have been searching online for the best hiking boot, uses for sheet metal, or even recipes using Velveeta Cheese Mini Blocks. Over the next few days, or even weeks, you may have noticed more and more ads for Cabela’s Sporting Goods, custom made steel machinery or even nacho cookbooks?

The internet knows what your interests are and does its best to present advertisements catered to those interests. And that’s what we call audience re-targeting. When you go to the movies, grocery store or daycare (none of which are car lots by the way) you still see your car.

Audience Re-targeting acts the same way. You may be looking up the Seattle Seahawks NFL record from 2005, and an ad for an industrial kitchen range hood pops up. Remember? You were looking for sheet metal uses just a few sentences earlier. We are able to track visitors to your website and then target your ads back to them after they leave.

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