Backlinks what are they?

Backlinks are incoming links to your website from another website. Backlinks are also called inbound links”, incoming links” or one-way links”. All major search engines, especially Google, notice these links and will pick out your page to rank higher in organic search engine rankings. It shows that your page has authority over other website pages, even your competitors. A backlink can be a link to a specific word, phrase, content article, podcast, music score and a reference to any of your business pages or blogs. Google is always making hundreds of changes to its algorithm and backlinks continue to remain a key in page ranking. 

Why are backlinks Important?

Backlinks are valuable in the SEO workings of your website. Backlinks are a vote of confidence in your site from other websites which google notices for search visibility. Backlinks show that other sites are vouching for your content and business. When search engines see these quality links it can help you rank high in the organic SERPs (Search Engine Result Page)

Backlinks of Value

Not all backlinks are valuable? One high-quality backlink can be more beneficial to you than several low-quality spam types of backlinks. Valuable backlinks give you more authority as a leader in your field of work. This is called Domain Authority. Domain Authority is important in how you rank on search engines. A good Domain Authority rating of your site shows credibility and how you compare to your competition’s website and their content. 

Content and Backlinking 

The content on your site that can be linked to can be a blog, a video, a definition of a word or phrase, your product, pretty much anything that relates to what people or businesses want to link to on your webpage. The key to link building is to have truly valuable information that is worth linking to and noteworthy. 

Blogger Review Backlinks

If your business offers any type of products or services that you sell it would be beneficial for you to turn them into high-quality backlinks from bloggers.  One way of getting links from bloggers that write content that relates to your business is to offer your products to them for free. Let them decide if your product is worth linking to and mentioning in one of their blogs. In turn, you could link back to their website that would be beneficial to the both of you. 

Link Building Benefits You and Your Business

Link building builds long-lasting relationships between customers, relevant websites and business-to-business dealings. If you are a retailer of products, it may be wise for you to link to your distributor. In turn, your product distributor can link back to you so customers can easily find the products they are searching for that are manufactured and where they are sold. This is a type of highly trusted and respected website source. The manufacturer is highly recommending your company to buy and install the products they are looking for. You in turn can secure an immediate or future sale which greatly improves your return on investment. 

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