There are concerns about cloud-based app usage–in regards to security and availability of documents. I’m writing to say that the winds of change have been moving quite steadily towards the cloud. There are options available to share and preserve your “stuff” in case of emergency or upgrade of device. I can’t honestly stand the term, the cloud. But, it’s what everyone uses, so I’ll drink the Kool-Aid.

Kool Aid manThe user-experience has been improved, removing command line interfaces. It’s moving moving towards the sort of simplicity that has become a standard since Skype mastered the ease-of-use platform years back.

For each type of document you have, there are quite a few options. Here are my top 3 favorite cloud-based app platforms:


1.) Dropbox

Dropbox Cloud TechnologyFor every computer or device you own, Dropbox has went out of it’s way to develop and design a platform that works flawlessly. The program creates a folder on your computer, and every file that you save in that folder is whisked up to the “cloud” and saved via file “sync.”

As long as you have it running, you have access to all of your files on multiple devices. When you add a new device to your arsenal, it will automatically download your folder structure and your files. I’ve had a great experience sharing this with other people. And for every person you sign up for Dropbox, you gain additional storage.


2.) Evernote

For a note-taking application to grow up and start syncing data on the cloud, you’d expect it to become more antiquated and difficult to use. Evernote has taken this experience and created a seamless option to save all of your scribbles and notes. You can easily transfer them from one computer device to another. Mobile users can access important documents while on the run!Evernote Icon

The structure is clean, allowing you to create books of notes, and groups of books, which makes for a satisfying organized feeling–worthy of the Dewey Decimal System. (I haven’t gotten to the point of applying said system to my notes yet–but it won’t be long.)

There are some limitations to the free version of the program. There are time limitations when audio recording meetings and such. There are also file size restrictions on image/video uploads. But, that won’t stop you from doing some amazing things with this easy-to-use interface.


3.)  Google Drive

If you have any experience with Gmail, Google Docs, or have used any of Google’s army of products, you’ll feel right at home with Google Drive. The interface is pure Google, and the options create a feeling of “just another Google product.”

You can use Google Docs to edit your files, Gmail to send them, and so on. It’s fully intertwined with everything G. I’m convinced that if I say the company name again, I’ll be taken away in a straight-jacket. You know the company, and everything that it has done.Google Drive Logo

From Android phones to your gmail account, they seem to have a gift of making things very simple. They have a methodology of adding in features that really help other products they release. I don’t think they will rest until we’re all wearing Google Glass while skipping hand-in-hand down the road, gleefully ignoring all social interactions while staring off into space – oblivious to the fact that a tractor trailer is bearing down on the skipping crowd.

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