You may have thought or questioned yourself, How do I get better or more Google reviews for my business. The main goal for you and all of your employees is to have great customer service so your customers will tell others about your business. 

Remember: Happy customers will leave you 5 stars and a wonderful glowing review on your business listing.  Unhappy customers will not be as nice. Work hard at pleasing your customers so they will not leave you bad reviews. If you start getting several bad reviews make the changes you need to your product, customer service, and the ways you do business to better your reviews. 

Potential customers read what your exiting customers have to say about you in your reviews. They will believe what others have to say about your products more than they will believe what you have written on your website about your products or services.

Google uses your reviews to locally rank your business in the search results pages. Google algorithms not only rank the quantity but also the quality of your reviews. 

7 Ways to start getting Google reviews

  1. You need to have your Google business profile in place for your business to show up on Google maps, searches, and other Google services.
  2. You need to verify your Google business profile through your Google my business account. Only verified businesses can respond to customer reviews.
  3. Add a review Link to your website that goes directly to your Google My Business profile so that customers can click to leave a review.
  4. Ask your customers to leave you a Google review and how easy it is to do that with the link you have provided for them. 
  5. Create a custom Google reviews page on your website for potential customers to read reviews that have been left for you.
  6. Create a Google review advertising campaign on social media and through email asking your social media followers to leave you a review.
  7. Make-up cards to hand out with your website review link. 

As a Reminder, one thing not to do is – Do not offer a reward to customers for writing a review. You need to use Googles Terms of Service when asking for reviews. Your reviews are the most valuable when they are unbiased and honest. 

How to have your customers leave a Google Review on their desktop computers

  • Go to this link.
  • Search for your business name
  • Click on the listing link
  • Scroll down to the area that says review summary. 
  • Click on the link to write a review
  • You can also click on the star rating to leave a starred review and you can write a review
  • Then click on post.

How to have your customers leave a Google Review on mobile devices 

  • Go to their Google maps app
  • Search for your business name on the app
  • Tap on your business listing 
  • Tap the reviews tab in the listing
  • What will pop up is a rate and review section. This is where you can give the business a star rating on your experience. You will also have the option to write a review about your experience with the business. 

If you’re not using or placing stock in your business reviews, now is the time to change your thinking and use reviews in your local marketing strategies. 

  • 86% of all consumers trust online reviews as personal recommendations. As your google reviews grow the Google searchers will contact your business faster upon finding you on the web. 
  • The higher reviews you have the higher your ranking will be for local SEO ranking factors. 
  • The more positive reviews you have will lead to more online and store purchases from customers. If you have 125 reviews and your competitor has 30 reviews the consumer will pick you over your competitor 9 times out of ten.
  • If your customers are giving you several positive reviews, Google actually gives you FREE advertising by ranking you higher on google search result pages. 

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