We’ve Listed 7 of the Top Ways to Optimize Your Website Content

Optimizing your web page content will help you rank better in the search engine results pages. A well-optimized webpage and its contents will help move you up in the organic results naturally so you dont have to pay large fees in advertising. Always keep your web pages fresh with good relevant content and update your content regularly. 


Mobile-First Optimization 

The first thing you should think about before you begin coding your web page is to make sure you start with a mobile-first design. Over 55% of people who are searching online for what they need use their mobile devices. Less is always more when designing for mobile devices and it gives your website site a cleaner overall look. Its best to avoid several popups on mobile devices. 


Quality Relevant Topic Content

To rank higher in the search engine rankings you need to have quality, authoritative and trustworthy content. When you create quality content for a user youll increase your website traffic and have more conversions. 


Choose Keywords and Relative Keywords Wisely 

Figure out the main keywords and keyword phrases that will work best on each page on your website. If you are intending to target specific users you need to research and think about how your reader might search for your products and services. Use multiple keyword phrases and like keyword phrases on your page. 


Image Names and Alt Tags

What are alt tags? Alt tags are text alternatives for an image. Alt tags and alt text is designed to help those with sight impairments see or listen to the description of an image. They are a part of the website’s HTML code within an image tag. Youll need to add text to the alt tags on what best describes the image. Your image should also be named in a way that specifically describes the image as well as the page content.


Page Speed 

Images play a big part in page speed. Its best practice to make sure you optimize all the images on your website. To improve your page speed resize the images that fit your page best. You need to resize images to have a lower pixel size for better optimization. You can do this with Photoshop or if you can download a plugin for WordPress that will do it automatically. 


Better User Experience 

User Experience, UX for short, focuses on the design, quality, site objectives, and business goals of your web page and your complete website. Design elements can be used to bring out emotions and appreciation to images, your brand, color choices, text choices, and other design elements. Users need to trust and believe in what your website is telling them. 


Use Schema In Your Webpage 

Schema is a markup code that is used by Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines. Schema is a language that webmasters can use to input into the HTML code of web pages that helps search engines understand your page content. This in turn helps the search engines return better more informative results for what searchers are looking for. Such uses for Schema are: 

  • Local Business
  • Home Page
  • Reviews
  • Events
  • FAQ
  • Articles 
  • Organizations
  • Person
  • Recipes 
  • Product 
  • Offer
  • Action
  • Health & Medical
  • Creative Works
  • About Us
  • and so many more

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