Cloud-Based Apps

There are concerns about cloud-based app usage–in regards to security and availability of documents. I’m writing to say that the winds of change have been moving quite steadily towards the cloud.

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Small Business Organic SEO

An often misunderstood web marketing tool is organic search engine optimization (SEO). A common misconception about organic SEO is that it simply produces high website search ranking results.

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Rolling out the mobile-friendly update

The following is an official release from Google’s Webmaster Tools team – as we’re looking to present the facts, and aren’t interested in speculation as far as this story goes. Stay tuned for a follow up post with our recommendations and take-aways from this announcement.

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The World’s Worst Website Ever

I stumbled across this site a while ago. And it’s a lot of fun pulling it apart trying to find out everything ‘wrong’ with it. There are so many things on this site that would need to be “fixed” in order to improve user experience and to prevent migraines for a majority of your readers.

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Website Domain Ownership

Owning your website domain isn’t as simple as having access to the files to change it up through an online tool – such as a “EZ Web Builder” or similar program. Access to those files depends on the company that owns the software.

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