What is local search marketing? Its a creative marketing strategy of pinpointing your business on the local map when people are searching for your products and services. You want to make sure your business is on the map especially if your customers are close by when they are doing research on what they are looking for. Local search marketing services can be custom designed for small and medium-sized businesses to increase your organic website traffic 

Did you know that close to 80% of disposable income is spent within 10 to 20 miles from a person’s home? YES, its true, not only that over 90% of these customers make almost all of their purchases within 15 to 20 minutes from home or work. A local search marketing company can increase your company profits and expand your companys brand awareness.  

What is Google My Business? You get a free business profile for each business you have which makes it easy for customers to find you. You get a free chance to tell your potential customers who you are and why your business is more unique than your competitors.  

Are there other local search marketing sites I should look at? Yes, you should also create profiles with Yelp, Bing Places for Business, Yahoo, and Facebook. You should have info on all of these pages. As a reminder, Social Media and Yelp will often show up close to the top of most organic searches. 

What can customers see in my free business listing? Local search marketing gives you yet another way to reach new and existing customers. There are several ways for you to tell what youre all about with your free business listing such as: 

  1. You can add a website link to send new potential and existing customers to your business spot on the web. 
  2. They can view a menu and place an order online. 
  3. Make a reservation online. 
  4. View your address and call your phone number with a simple click as they research. 
  5. Your customers can see what hours you are open. 
  6. Your  a customer can save you to their phone for future purchases and directions 
  7. They can get directions straight to your front door. 
  8. Popular times showing when you are busy or not too busy. 
  9. You can Show photos of your business and the products that you sell. 
  10. Customers can give you reviews and read all your reviews. 
  11. Show off your social media pages 
  12. In the category section, make sure you chose the right categories that best suit your business. 
  13. and so much more with questions and answers.  

What will make me stand out to Google? You need to tell the search engines as much about your company as you can. Tell exactly everything searches will want to know about you. Your goal is to ultimately gain a completive edge in your industry. 

Where do I start? You really need to start with all the basics. Make a list of your goals and what should your future customers know about you.  

If you need help because of your busy schedule, Sprout Digital is here to help you with proven local search marketing strategies. Tell us everything about your company and how easy it is for them to order from and work with you. Well enter your info for you with local search marketing tools making sure the listing is set up correctly and that your information and photos are updated monthly.

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