Organic SEO is often misunderstood

An often misunderstood web marketing tool is organic search engine optimization (SEO). A common misconception about organic SEO is that it simply produces high website search ranking results.

what is organic seo vancouver waYes, organic SEO efforts can produce higher search ranking results. But, it’s far more than that. As a business owner, you should be skeptical of any SEO Specialist or firm promising or guaranteeing only high website search ranking results.

What should you expect from a digital media firm that specializes in organic SEO? A reputable SEO Specialist will:

  • Demonstrate what organic SEO is and is not.
  • Develop realistic goals and expectations.
  • Communicate and follow up with measurable results.


Demand an explanation!

An SEO Specialist should articulate to you what organic SEO is and is not.

Naturally, you want your business website to rank higher. You want more visibility online. And you’d like it to happen now! If that’s what you’ve been promised, that’s what you’ll expect.

But, measurable and meaningful organic SEO results are not easily and quickly achieved. That being said, let’s start with what organic SEO is…


What is an organic SEO strategy

organic-trafficAn organic SEO strategy includes comprehensive and exhaustive keyword research. It includes content copywriting, on-page optimization, link building, blog publishing, social media, and more.

The practices and techniques are part of a long-term organic SEO strategy. Engagement can range from 6 months to one or more years. Yes, the commitment is long and involves a financial investment.

But it’s worth assessing how SEO fits into your budget and an overall marketing plan. An organic SEO campaign can bring more traffic to your website, and it can do this for a long time.


What organic SEO is NOT

Organic SEO is not a quick fix or short-term solution. It won’t increase visits to your website or increase business overnight. In fact, even if your website currently ranks well–for the keywords it’s optimized for–there’s no guarantee searchers will remain on your website and engage with your business’s call-to-action.

The bottom line, an organic SEO campaign must have established goals and expectations. The goals and expectations should be realistic, obtainable, and agreed upon by you and your SEO Specialist. As a result, you will understand the service you’re paying for and how it will benefit your business.


Hand drawing Results and Expectations concept with white chalk on a blackboard.Organic SEO goals and expectations

Realistic and obtainable goals and expectations will demonstrate the value you’re getting from your organic SEO campaign.

There are over 200 plus factors to assess. Website content, sales funnels, social media presence, business listing information, and website design can all affect website SEO. This is why organic SEO is a long-term commitment.

Your SEO Specialist will identify areas of improvement. They will set-up agreeable goals and expectations with you. And when the goals and expectations are agreed upon, they will implement the strategy, measure the effects on your website, and evaluate the results.

It can take a month or longer to gather and produce measurable results. You can expect your SEO Specialist to communicate and follow up at least once a month.


What have you done for me lately?

Communication and follow up is key to a successful organic SEO campaign. At least once a month, measurable results–positive or negative–should be reviewed. The deliverable is typically a monthly SEO report.

An SEO monthly report demonstrates how your SEO Specialist’s efforts have affected your website SEO. If the overall outcome doesn’t match the goals and expectations, you agreed upon, ask questions.

Organic SEO campaigns can easily get derailed and result in confusion and frustration. Communication and follow up will help you and your SEO Specialist achieve the results you’ve both set out to achieve.

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