What is Sponsored Content and does it work?

Of course, it works! Sponsored Content is premium content that you pay a publisher to create and publish in a newspaper and in digital format that resembles the publication’s editorial content. Sponsored Content is an ad that looks like an actual article that fits into the format of a newspaper page and website page. Its not an in-your-face type of ad, its more of a subtle ad that is a more credible view to the reader. Sponsored Content looks like any other content on a newspaper page or digital newspaper page. 

Reach Targets and Generate Leads

Sponsored Content is a sponsorship between the advertiser and the publisher. It allows you to reach, target, and generate leads with new clients looking to purchase your products or services. This type of content allows you to reach more viewers than ever before. Not only are you advertising in the newspaper and digitally, but your brand is also being picked up by social media influencers and others who will share your article on social media platforms. 

What does Sponsored Content do for you?

  • Reach a highly engaged audience with native ads
  • Target the people and businesses you want
  • Drive easy leads to your email address
  • Build your companies brand awareness
  • Reach customers in newspaper, on desktop and smartphones
  • Add links to all social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, and more back to your Sponsored Content piece.
  • Drive stronger results from a news story
  • Sells homes, products, services, and memberships immediately 

What makes Sponsored Content so appealing to businesses and clients

Instead of readers thinking they just saw an advertisement they came across with a feeling like they have just learned something new. This feeling makes them feel like they would enjoy using your product. Sponsored Content gives your brand a more memorable, trustworthy, and credible read. Sponsored Content can give your business brand up to 50% more readability and purchase power than other types of advertising. This type of advertising can give you four times more leads than paid search advertising. 

If you’re excited by the idea of growing your business quickly and having a better return on your investment you should consider a Sponsored Content ad. Sprout Digital and the Columbian newspaper can help you create content ads that will drive new leads to you immediately. Give us a call at 360-735-4472 or email us at info@sproutdigital.us to start getting new leads, sales, and clients today!

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