Worlds Worst Website - Click to visit the seizure inducing mess.

Click the image for a migraine (you’ve been warned)

I stumbled across this site a while ago. And it’s a lot of fun pulling it apart trying to find out everything ‘wrong’ with it. There are so many things on this site that would need to be “fixed” in order to improve user experience and to prevent migraines for a majority of your readers.

If your site commits any of these crimes (or many of them), you should be talking to a developer pronto. Here is my top 20 issues with “The World’s Worst Website Ever:”

  1. Everything justified to the left
  2. ‘Stacked’ content, with no regards to rows or columns
  3. So…  many… fonts…
  4. No clear navigation
  5. Way, way too many calls to action.
  6. So…  many…  colors…
  7. Borders, Horizontal rules, more borders
  8. Tiled background
  9. Animated GIF’s, random animated GIF’s, more random animated GIF’s
  11. Seizure inducing flashing animated GIF’s
  12. I had my sound muted, so this should have been much higher on the list – the midi sound playing in the background is a serious violation of your website, and will result in more people leaving your site immediately than yelling “movie” in a “crowded firehouse.”
  13. Site under construction – ha.
  14. Badly formatted images, pixelated edges
  15. No standard font or sizes of text – anywhere.
  16. Poor grammar, poor spelling
  17. No real sense of what… the site… is.
  18. Odd spacing of text, everything seems so broken.
  19. Highlighted text, again – random – seemingly to grab your attention?  : )
  20. …this one is a bit nerdy, but the code is horrendous.  So many inline styles – and most all scripts run inline.  Overall – just very, very bad!


I hope you enjoyed the site. If you have any of these issues on your site, contact Sprout Digital.

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