Online Presence: Kazoodles

When we started online reputation management for Kazoodles, their presence score was 81% and correct information was found on just four of more than 22 search engine, review, directory and social sites. Now, Kazoodle’s score is 100% and their accurate information can be found on 20 sites.

Kazoodle’s citations also increased in this time. Citations are mentions of a business name along with another piece of business data (phone number, address, website, or any combination of those) that are key in search marketing optimization as well.

When considering citations, Google looks at the following factors: accuracy and consistency of data in citations, authority of websites where citations appear, amount of user-generated content on citations, and velocity of user-generated content generation. Kazoodle’s citations have increased from 147 to 400 during their time with us.

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Campaign Outcomes

goal-checkmarkPresence score increased from 81% to 100%
goal-checkmarkVisiblity in monitored sites went from 4 to 20
goal-checkmarkCitations increased from 147 to 400

Number Crunching

19% presence score increase

Company presence on 16 new sites

272% increase in citations

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