SEO in Action: Knights of Pythias

Although the Knights of Pythias Retirement Center (KOPRC) has provided affordable senior housing to citizens in the Vancouver, WA, area for nearly 100 years, their online presence is fairly new. So new that KPORC barely registered with search engines as people looked for affordable senior housing in Vancouver, WA.

With the intention to help KOPRC increase their online footprint, Sprout Digital developed relevant and engaging content to not only help with search engine result page ranking, but also help keep searches informed about retirement centers in general. When it came time for potential customers to reach out to KOPRC, Sprout Digital had a detailed form for lead generation.

Knights of Pythias Retirement Center Logo

Campaign Goals

goal-checkmarkSatisfy searcher intent with relevant search queries with search volume in the Vancouver, WA area
goal-checkmarkIncrease organic SERPs
goal-checkmarkDevelop engaging website content that answers several frequently asked questions about KOPRC’s senior housing facility and details about HUD
goal-checkmarkCreate detailed forms for lead generation and increase on-site tours of the KOPRC senior housing facility


With that form in place, KOPRC now receives regular inquiries from citizens interested in senior housing or for family members who are in need of senior housing.  New and engaging website content is helping the website rank competitively as well as answer several frequently asked questions visitors have about KOPRC’s affordable senior housing services.

Additionally, Sprout Digital updates KOPRC’s blog that features authoritative content about retirement lifestyles and current KOPRC news and events. These efforts, along with converting PDF documents to engaging content, have helped increased the website traffic by 30%.

Number Crunching

Increase in affordable senior housing search inquiries resulting in lead generation

130% increase in organic search traffic

Increase in organic SERPs for higher volume search queries

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