SEO in Action: Quail Homes

Quail Homes has been a print customer of Sprout Digital’s parent company The Columbian ( for more than two decades. When Sprout Digital was launched in 2013 to meet customer digital needs, Quail Homes was one of our first digital customers.

The Quail Homes website showcased their outstanding new and custom home construction projects. However, there was little effort spent on search engine optimization (SEO) or to satisfy searcher intent for industry relevant search terms.

Quail Homes needed a better site. Using relevant keywords, employing on-page and off-page SEO techniques, and adding relevant website content with weekly blog entries, Sprout Digital looked to increase search engine result pages (SERPS), generate higher quality leads, and improve ranking for relevant search queries.

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Campaign Goals

goal-checkmarkOptimize website content using relevant keyword terms, on-page and off-page SEO techniques
goal-checkmarkIncrease search engine results pages (SERPs)
goal-checkmarkRank website for custom home and new home builder search queries
goal-checkmarkSatisfy searcher intent with relevant website content and weekly blog entries
goal-checkmarkGenerate higher quality leads


The steps taken by Sprout Digital led Quail Homes to dominate local SERPs for new home, new construction, and custom home building search queries. However, Quail Homes decided to try their luck with another digital agency for a six-month span.

During that time, their SERPS began to decline as the new agency failed to produce results, nor meet demanding expectations for Quail Homes.

As a result, Quail Homes returned to Sprout Digital. We were able to re-establish their SERPs and bring back website lead generation the other digital agency failed to deliver.

Number Crunching

125% increase in organic traffic

1100% growth in organic mobile traffic

Top #3 Google SERPs for relevant and higher volume search queries

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