Online Presence: Runyan’s Jewelers

Accurate business information for Runyan’s Jewelers was found on just two sites (including search, review, directory and social) and had a presence score of 81% when they began Visibility Management with Sprout Digital. Their score is now 100% and their information can be found on all 21 sites we monitor.

In addition, Runyan’s Jewelers citations – the number of times their business was mentioned along with a piece of business information (such as address, phone number, or website) on the web now stands at 359. When Runyan’s Jewelers first started with Visibility Management, that number stood at 95.

Runyans Jewelers

Campaign Outcomes

goal-checkmark19% presence score increase
goal-checkmarkVisibility in monitored sites went from 2 to 21
goal-checkmarkCitations increased from 95 to 359

Number Crunching

100% presence score

1050% increase in quantity of sites with company presence

378% increase in citations

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