Online Presence: Vancouver Harmony Road Music

Vancouver Harmony Road Music was already very solid with their online reputation management. When it first started, VHRM had a 100% presence score and all of their listings on monitored sites had correct information.

Still, there were places VHRM could improve. When online reputation management was started, there were 107 total citations. Those citations – the number of times their business was mentioned along with a piece of business information (such as address, phone number, or website) – now stand at nearly 300.

The Share of Voice (SOV) for selected terms also grew for VHRM. When searching for “music instruction in Vancouver, Washington,” the school had a 73% SOV compared to their two main competitors at the start of this program. VHRM now has a 95% share of voice for that term.

And, when searching for “music stores in Vancouver, Washington,” the share of voice number for VHRM grew from 55% to 73%.

Harmony Road Music School

Campaign Outcomes

goal-checkmarkCitations increased from 107 to nearly 300
goal-checkmark22% increase in Share of Voice for “music instruction in Vancouver Washington”
goal-checkmark18% increase in Share of Voice for “music stores in Vancouver Washington”

Number Crunching

Near triple increase in citations

22% SOV increase in popular search query

18% SOV increase in secondary popular search query

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