Online Presence: When the Shoe Fits

The Highway 99 Vancouver location of When The Shoe Fits now has a perfect listing score of 100% and all 18 listings found on various sites we monitor (including search, review, directory and social) contained accurate information. At the start, however, there was no accurate information found on any of the sites.

In addition, the number of citations concerning When The Shoe Fits stood at 52. They currently have 322 total citations. Citations are mentions of a business name along with another piece of business data (phone number, address, website, or any combination of those) that are key in search marketing optimization as well.

Finally, When The Shoe fits saw a marked improvement when it came to share of voice for the term “Shoe Fitting in Vancouver, Washington.” In July of 2014, their share of voice was 0%. Now their share of voice for that search term is 89%. Additionally, their share of voice for the term “Pedorthics in Vancouver, Washington” rose from 74% to 100% in that same time frame.

When the Shoe Fits logo

Campaign Outcomes

goal-checkmarkInformation corrected across the web
goal-checkmarkSearch optimization citations increased
goal-checkmarkShare of Voice for search terms increased for primary search terms

Number Crunching


89% SOV increase for search term “Shoe Fitting in Vancouver Washington”


26% SOV increase for search term “Pedorthics in Vancouver Washington”

bar chart

600%+ increase in citations aiding in search engine marketing

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