Online Reputation Management

Nothing is more frustrating for a potential customer than getting incorrect information while trying to find you. The frustration doubles for you as that potential customer ends up somewhere else.

Sprout Digital’s Online Reputation Management works to make sure that doesn’t happen. With instant alerts and monthly reports spelling out your online performance, you’ll know that potential customers can find you and how existing customers feel about you.

With so many different online directories (Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Yelp to name a few), making sure potential customers find you is as important as ever. An incorrect address or out of date phone number on your listing may send those customers into the arms of another – your competition. Sprout Digital’s Online Reputation Management makes sure your information is current on 15 of the most traffic directory sites online.

There is still work to do, however, as online reviews can play a big part in how your company is viewed by potential customers. Sprout Digital’s Online Reputation Management monitors the major rating and review sites and alerts you when a new review – positive or negative – has been posted. These ratings can play a large part in your online reputation.

Active on Social Media?

Sprout Digital’s Online Reputation Management keeps track of your likes on Facebook, your checkins on Foursquare, and your followers on Twitter. Any posts or mentions on your social media profiles are also tracked, letting you see how your online interactions affect your visibility.

Sprout Digital knows your online presence is important. With Online Reputation Management, you’ll always know just what that presence is.

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