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You want your website to perform the way it’s supposed to – generating leads, gathering customer information, and providing a pleasant experience for all users. Sprout Digital creates websites designed to match your brand and fulfill the goals of your business. By offering web design, content production, and search engine optimization (SEO), Sprout Digital can provide you with a website that is informative, looks good, and ranks favorably in local searches.

Looking Ahead

Sprout Digital websites are built with the future in mind. Using the WordPress platform, we will build you a website that not only suits your needs today, but can grow with tomorrow as well. All Sprout Digital websites are responsive, able to adapt to whatever device the user might be using. Desktop, tablet, and smart phone users will all experience the same ease of use and pleasant design.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a widely implemented website development platform used by businesses and bloggers all over the world. Unfortunately, many encounter difficulties when trying to design and launch free or premium WordPress “themes.” Sprout Digital web designers have many years of WordPress experience and that expertise will eliminate the hassles and headaches encountered when attempting a responsive WordPress DIY project.

Why do we use WordPress?

We build our sites with WordPress because the platform offers highly customizable options and reliable performance. Because we are able to utilize the tried and tested features WordPress provides, we are able to get your website up and running more quickly than if we had to code it from scratch.

Plus, its thousands of choices for plugins, layouts and templates mean that no matter your business goals, we can design your website to your exact requirements.

Your customers are using mobile devices for online shopping and local searches more than ever before, and they are accustomed to visiting and using websites that are easy to navigate with a small interface.

Because of this ever-increasing reliance on mobile, Sprout Digital’s web development team creates our clients’ websites using mobile-first coding practices.

This means each of our clients’ websites are designed from a mobile user’s perspective. We make sure that the display, aesthetics, and ease of use are flawless so that your potential customers can see what you offer.

Of course, our websites are not designed solely for mobile; while we recognize that mobile users are the dominant source of traffic, we also need to design your site for desktop and tablet display. To this end, we use technology that enables websites to automatically respond to any user’s device, whether desktop, mobile, or tablet.

The advanced coding we employ ensures that our clients’ websites appear exactly as designed and intended across all platforms.

Conversion-focused web design endeavors to engage and convert visitors into leads and customers by optimizing a website’s key content pages.

Websites are no longer merely a digital business card for display. The websites we design go beyond aesthetic appeal. With the right combination of design and copywriting, they invite and encourage the user to interact with the website by filling out a form, making a phone call, securing a reservation, or performing any other valuable action that pertains to your business.


Responsive design is important not only for consistency, but for bringing potential customers to your site as well. In 2015, Google started returning search results based on what device was used to make the initial search. Searching for information on a mobile phone? Google will return websites that are mobile friendly. Surfing the web has become mobile – at least 50 percent of users today use a phone or tablet to search the internet. Don’t lose potential business because your site doesn’t cater to half of your prospective business.

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